Big Numbers: Day 35 and 36

Last night, I was out really late. I came home with the intention to paint. I managed to stay up long enough to do it and everything. I was excited, but I didn't do it though. I couldn't make a decision about what should have been done, so I just stared at the canvas. Then I went to sleep. Today I painted for yesterday and today. If I counted all these fabulous dinners I cook, I'd be much further along in this process. I didn't get as far as I planned today, but great things happened.

Today I learned that my mother is amazingly helpful...simply by looking. Is anyone else amazed at how many great ideas you can come up with on your own by just saying them out loud to someone else? I go downstairs carrying the shirts I mentioned in the last post. I wasn't feeling entirely sure about either of them. After a few minutes with mommy, not only did I make a decision about the shirts, but I also had two new ideas. WOOP! I didn't get to start on them today, but I did pull the shirts out. I'm ready. And excited. Something new is on the horizon. *cabbage patch*

Here's what I was going for yesterday. All I could come up with was PURPLE. I didn't know what else to do, so I stopped. Today, I still felt purple, so I took a stab at it. It made me think of fog and beaches. Maybe at sunset?

"Feeling Purple" 35/365 and 65/365
This was supposed to be "Sex is White" but it started to look gloomy. Who wants that kind of sex? Not I said the cat. It did look like the past three days here in Atlanta though. So I ran with it. Don't fight the artwork.

"When it Rains" 36/365 and 66/1000

Final count for the day 2. 66 down...934 pieces and 329 days to go.

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