Stakks on Dekk

It's 2012! Well, it will be by the time you read this, but I'm typing from 2011. That's odd. Very sci-fi movie-ish. 

Well these are the very last pieces I created in 2011. There was no paint involved. But my first piece of the year will be covered in the stuff. At least that's the plan. My friends LOVED their Christmas bracelets and as promised, you can now get yours too. Yay! 

My not so new thing is mixing colors, patterns and textures. I love a stripe and a plaid together. Or a floral and polka dots. I think I got that from watching home design shows. That makes me interesting. Well, I tried to incorporate that in each of these sets. I made a few of these for myself and I'll be mixing and matching them with some of my existing pieces. Probably some very shiny ones. That'll keep it fun.You can chekk out what I have and get a set of your own at the SYM-Store. Right now, I have ten sets available in an assortment of colors. 

I counted each set as 1 piece, so my total count for 2011 is 311! Not even close to 1,000. lol. However, I'm not at all disappointed. I made twice as many pieces as I normally do. And I've been considerably more busy this year than I was in previous years. I did a good job. Proud of me. Just a little bit. This year, I'm going to keep working toward my 1,000th piece. I have a few other goals in mind, but nothing I feel pressed to share at this time. As always, I'm excited about what's to come. Happy New Year!!!! 


Fly said...

Congrats on your count in 2011! Blessings and Prosperity in 2012!

Trice said...

Yaaaay! You did an amazing job this year, my friend! Cant wait to see what you create in 20 12!! Love you!