Big Timin': SALES

Here's thing two that I mentioned in the last post. I put a store up. Did you notice? Have you visited? I feel so fancy. People can buy SYM-stuff without the long order form process and without me answering 30 questions. It's been a real time saver. Well now, since I have that, sales are much easier. Target (we love them) has a sale every week and now I can too. Starting next Tuesday and every Tuesday thereafter, I'll post one sale/giveaway. You'll have to come by the blog to get the code, and then you can head directly to the store to make your purchase. It'll be on different things, but every Tuesday we'll do a little somethin' somethin' including the 5 available super low priced custom pieces. I've got everything set up til July. So, we're good on that. Yay! *pops bottle*

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@tishushu said...

This is EXCITING news! :) I'm adding you to my calendar to remind me to check in!