I made more...BRACELETS!!

It's gotten so serious the bf thinks something is wrong if I'm not wearing my bracelets. I usually rokk about 6 at a time on the weekends. Maybe just a single charm bracelet on a regular day. I should write about that bracelet one day. It's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I got it for FREE @ Macy's. May have been a Blakk Friday giveaway. I'm not sure how I got it for free...but I did.

Anyway, I recently got a really great deal on some beads, so I ended up making a few more bracelets. Keeping in line with my self imposed rule...one (some) for me, one (some) for you. So, be sure to chekk out the store as the new pieces are up and available.

1 for me, 2 for you. Which is going to make up for the next one. 

I like these because of the rugged look. It looks like I just pikked these up in my yard. However, I did not. They are smooth and hand dyed. It's a fancy natural look. These will look great alone, but I'm probably going to end up rokking them with a few other pieces.

 I ended up using these in a way I didn't intend to. I only had enough for 1. I'm keeping it. ha! Sorry.

Oh and for your viewing pleasure: How I Rokk my Stakks...

I only made two of these...but this is the norm. 7 pieces! 
The only issue in the winter is sometimes I can't get my jakket on/off with all the bracelets in the way. BUT I bet my right arm is getting a good work out.

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