Customer Appreciation

Yesterday, I talked about the things we both gave up when I made that decision bakk in April. I talked about your willingness to be patient with me while I made some changes and took some personal time to explore my creativity. I also talked about doing something special to say thanks for allowing me that time. Today, I'm going to tell you what that is.

In order to prepare for that upgrade, I'll have to make room and that's where you come in. I didn't exactly plan that last announcement out the way I should have. Now I have at least 100 blank shirts (and stuff) pakked away that needs to move. Now, I could just get rid of it, but I bought it for you guys, and that's exactly who's going to get it. Along with the weekly sale at the SYM1 Store (tomorrow's post) I'll be posting FIVE blank pieces that will be available for purchase in the store. These pieces will be fully customizable up to 10 characters, ANY characters you want ANYwhere you want, and all for an excessively low price. All shirts (tanks, tees, long sleeved, polos) and bags will be $25.25 no matter the size or color. Hoodies and trakk jakkets will be $37.37 no matter the size or color. Everything else will be priced accordingly. Exciting, huh?

Now, I'm only posting things I already have, so you can't ask for things that aren't here. No requests for additional sizes or anything, but I'll do a post every week until everything is gone. I will post the blank items IN the store...and you can just tell me where to put what letters/characters on the notes to seller space when you make your payment. The first five pieces are up now. All of them are in the $25.25 category. You can take a look below, then head to the store to make a purchase if you want any (or all) of them. 

Men's 2X Polo

Juniors M Polo

Royal Blue Fitted Tee SMALL

Men's LARGE Polo

Juniors XL Cap Sleeve Fitted Tee


Taccarra said...

Oh snap!! I see my size.... the question is... What I would like Sym1 to do with it?

SYM1 said...

Well, don't wait too long. I generally have only ONE of everything. So once it's gone...