Big Numbers: Christmas III

Remember earlier this year when I made the scrapbook for my chapter? Well, I made another one as a Christmas gift. I'm counting it as 3 pieces again. lol. It took a looooong time.

I did this one for Bf. We've been dating our asses off and we wanted something to kind of detail all the stuff we've done so far. I couldn't quite get them all, but I got a lot of goodies in there. Of course, I'm not going to share the whole thing with you, but it's about 26 pages. Once we decide on a title, I'll paint the cover and give you all an update.


I have no idea why this photo would not load right side up.
I gave up. *shrugs*
I'm going to get the extenders so we can add more stuff later. I won't count it again though. Maybe. :D