1.17.12 This weeks SALES

As promised, I'm still posting five items per week for limited customization at reduced prices. If you missed that memo, please chekk out last week's post. I'm also posting this weeks special.

Here ya go...

SMALL (Women's) Royal Blue Hoodie

I know it looks black, but that's because my photography sukked today. Sorry.

SMALL (Men's) Gold/Yellow Tee

SMALL White (Men's) Tee

LARGE Fitted Polo
Any of these and everything else that's available can be purchased here. YAY!

To receive $5 off your order of $20 or more from now until next Monday, use code  FAFC62 at the SYM store. That's it for today. I'm hoping to have some more art for you tomorrow. Guess I better get started. Have a happy Tuesday.  

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