Y'all, I'm tired. This holiday has really worn me all the way out. The last of my family left today and I finally have an opportunity to relax. Not really. I have so much to do.

There are only 25 days til Christmas and my Christmas tree is standing butt booty naked in the living room. We usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving, but I just didn't have the energy to do anything more than stand it up. I did take all the decorations out today, so my butt naked tree is now accompanied by a terribly messy dining area.

My aunt helped a lot while she was here. She cut out a gillion circles for the rest of the fluffy puffy ornaments. (Mommy and) I am still working on finishing them up. They are coming along nicely. I still need to show y'all some pictures. So far...we have....five different fabrics/colors. Fancy. The living room is covered in tiny pinned circles, finished ornaments, ribbon, and remnants. A mess.

I have lots of other stuff to make. For the new store...and to give, tis the season and such. I'm excited, though I'm feeling very anxious because I'm thinking, "excuse me SYM, but how are WE going to do all this stuff?" Then SYM says, "wonderful question. I have no idea." Well damn. In any event, I've started all that stuff in the studio. Paint and beads and ribbon and everything else everywhere. It's a mess too.

I'm sure that's adding to the anxious feelings. Can't really think straight with EVERYTHING you need to do staring at you all day. I haven't really had a chance to do anything about it either. I need to handle that. Soon. Or the next blog will be entitled *SCREAM* and the text will only say "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" But longer. About a page worth. Y'all know I would do it. So, it's wind down time. I'm about to create a to do list *shivers in fear* then get ready for bed. I'm sure a good night of sleep will help.


Big Numbers: Cyber (SYM)day

Man look....I can't tell ya'll how long I've been putting off getting this site up and running. Not because I didn't want it, but simply because I didn't want to do it. Well, I finally did it! *whew*

I DO NOT do well with all this tech stuff. I am not sure exactly why...but whenever it's time for me to do something new...I dread anything that will allow me to customize it. I even find templates formidable. I can't choose colors. It's too hard this way and how or when did colors become alphanumeric combos? I get so confused and frustrated. Then I get discouraged and I never finish. Why can't they just let you highlight the words and then pikk a color like in an email? Is that too much to ask? *sigh* There's good news though.  I really like blakk. That's an easy color to choose. Make everything blakk, add white text, and then add a couple colors. DONE. I don't have the patience for much more even though I think it's pretty.

The fact that I couldn't just make something pretty from the jump was really keeping me from getting this store together. I almost put it off again, but my friend called and she's like...DO IT! I told her...naw. lol. But I spent the last two days getting the entire thing up and running. It was a lot of work, but I did not die. Praise Him!!! And now that everything is there, I am hoping that it will help me save some time in the future and help me get some orders from people who hated the order form so much that they'd just rather not get something. This site will save some would be SYM-shoppers from such shameful choices in the future. It's an easy way to shop for completed items. I'll still need the order form for customs, but one step at a time. Although the store isn't as pretty as I wanted, it works the same way a pretty one does. I'm very proud of myself for stikking with it, especially considering the obstacles in my way (like breaking my camera fighting a bee...I guess that means it won).

Now, go chekk out the SYM1 Did It!!! store. Use code "CYBERSYMDAY" to receive 25% off your entire order for today only. You can also access the store via the FB FAN PAGE. Ain't that fancy? I'm movin' up in the world. Since I worked so hard today, tomorrow I'll be chillin' with my feet up, destroying my fingers making Christmas ornaments, while my own tree stands naked and bare. SMH. One thing at a time. *exhale*


Busy SYM

I'm not sure what day it is, but I am sure that I've been busy all the days prior to it. It's the holiday season and I've been cooking (a little) and eating (a lot) and shuttling my family from here to there and even found a (little) time to create. I'm pooped y'all.

I miss my paints. I've probably painted a total of 1 hr in the last 7-10 days. I'm going THROUGH it. I did make a gazillion ornaments with the help of my Aunt. We've done about 20 so far and it took what felt like forever! I will post pics sooner...or later. I did my Blakk Friday thug thizzle and I'll have some new bracelets (for me and for you) in the weeks to come. I also bought some bigger canvases. YAY! That's it though. Ballin' on a budget.

I just wanted to remind you all that, as promised, I will be doing my Cyber Monday Sale. I'm getting that together for you right now. This site stuff is so tedious. Now I know why I've been putting it off for so long, but hopefully this will be the kikkstart to getting it ALL on the site from now on. I'm sure it would be easier for us all. Anyway, the sale is going to be a percentage off your entire purchase...no exclusions...well, except customs. So, the plan is to get the entire thing up and running by tomorrow night so you guys can have at it for  Monday. I'm excited.


Big Numbers: Day 323

Howdy! Yes, I say that out loud.

Painting has been coming along slowly, but surely. Things have been very busy on the home front. I have no idea when the rest of my life became so full, but I won't complain. I like having things to do, though I do miss my paint sometimes. I LOVE having the need though, it reminds me that I'm not just doing this for fun.

I really liked the "Bossy" piece that I posted last week. So, I got all excited and started sketching another one right after I finished it. Here's what happened:

"Day at the Museum"
11x14 Acrylic on Canvas

I love the colors and her weave is fabulous. She's really cute....but her head is too small. I'm a fan of big heads. (Did I just say that? I did. *shrugs*) Anyway, I like it. I saw something recently...don't ask me to recall it...that remind me of something I saw on Food Network's show "Best Thing I Ever Ate: Cake Walk" which is this slice of "Mondrian Cake" that you can purchase at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for $8 a slice. I wonder what it tastes like. Hmmm...

This cake was based on the artwork of Dutch painter "Piet Mondrain." His style of art is probably very familiar to you, so now you have a name to go with the art. I did my own SYM version in the bakkground and on one of the bracelets. I like. It may happen again. Google "Mondrian Cakes" and see what the other artsy people are up to. I saw a very cute Mondrian style wedding cake. Fancy.


Rant...Another One

Mini Rant: Maybe no one realizes that posting about their favorite lip gloss or the type of vodka they like is the equivalent of simply saying in a status that "So and so made me an awesome something or another!"

Last week this guy asked me if he could help me with anything in regard to SYM1. I said, sure, SHARE the link to my page. It's the simplest thing anyone can do. It takes all of three seconds. Do ya'll know what he told me? That he wanted to charge me for sharing my product with his fb friends. I'm like...but, YOU asked ME. *confused face* Unlike the SYM of past, I managed NOT to curse him out...directly. This from the same person who was going IN on this brand new flavor of Sean's Vodka. I bet Sean ain't send him a chekk! I'm not knokkin his hustle though. I'm not mad that he has recognized the value of his fb friends. I mean, but really? Do I look foolish? Do I look desperate? I don't feel very much desperate. *scratches head*

I can't lie. I've considered charging people for the "SHARE" but have never done it. Secondly, I considered doing it for people that hit me up for help, not people I've offered help to. Everything I share is because I like it. I don't ask for anything in return. I'm the minority and it drives me crazy. Why don't we support one another? It's ok. I don't need an answer. I'm going to make that happen.

My ultimate goal has always been to help other artists. I had an awesome idea a couple of weeks ago and it's really in line with where I want to be in a few years. It's going to get me started in the right direction. I'm going to put my energy behind it. I know I'm not the only one who's committed to our craft. I know we want to see others succeed. I'm going to pull us together. I'm going to stop fussin' and cussin' about the audacity of some people and put us around others like us. I'm more interested in those that really want to make a difference. Ignorant folks make me tired.


Big Numbers: Day 317 (80's baby)

Can I be honest? This was the worst fun ever! One of my regulars sent in an order for a birthday ensemble. It was rather detailed. And it came with a list of 60 items she wanted me to include. WTFORNICATE?! The set was supposed to highlight great things from the 80's (90's). The idea was cool. The request was...making me sleepy. Since I'm being honest, I'm going to tell you that it took me FOREVER to complete. I'm also going to tell you it's not because I was working on it all the time. I wasn't. It was really just a lot to takkle at once.

I hooked up with my friend google to find each and every thing on that list. THAT was fun. Nostalgic. The moment when you see something you hadn't even thought about since you were six, and then to find out they still make it, just makes you feel good. I did that. Then I went through and highlighted all the things I thought I could include, since I knew from the jump, I couldn't get all sixty items on there. The bag was first to get the SYM1 treatment. I did the front, decided it wasn't enough. So, I did the bakk too. Then thought, what the hell, and painted the straps. Now, it's completely covered in my childhood. Chekk it out:

I put so much paint on it it can stand up on it's own. HA!

Yep, I was made in the 80s too. So, I just incorporated my logo into the design. 

Since I'm being honest, this was so fun, I never want to do it again. lol. Don't ask me, unless you're ready to pay. A lot.

The shirt didn't take as long. It should have. The logos were originally supposed to go here. I got all confused in my creating, but I think it worked out for the best. With the shirt completely covered in art, which she originally asked for, it would have been really uncomfortable to wear. The paint isn't exactly something you want to rub up against...except when I make the lil nubbies. Those are fun to rub on. Anyway, she's a leo, so I went with the BIG lion face. I did the bakkground to match the design on the bag. Lots of birght colors. The face actually looks like fire or the sun, which is pretty cool, since leo is a fire sign and I think she said it's ruled by the sun. Something like that. It was on the list. I added some of her personal info into the actual design. It blends real nice. I am really happy with the way this turned out.


Then, since it's taken me an extraordinarily long time to complete this, I decided she deserved a gift. She's been very patient with me as I've taken all the time I needed on her order. I'm sure she'll like this. Shoot, EYE like it. Here's the gift:

"Tomorrow's Yesterday"
Yes, I finished the gift before I finished the order. SO!

*whew* That wore me out. I'm thrilled to be done! Not because I didn't like it, just because...sometimes, you're just working on something far too long. At some point, all you want is to be done. Now I am and I'm glad I took my time. I really like it. Go ahead, tell me how cool it is.



I don't miss greek stuff. Not even a little. I do miss not knowing what to do. I feel like...in giving that up, I've essentially had to start over from scratch. I was supposed to be taking this year to find my artistic voice. I'm not sure if a year was long enough.

Imagine being born again, with all your memories from this life. Except the next time, you're born in another country. You remember how to talk, and you try, but nobody speaks the language. Everything you thought you knew is different. It's like having a wealth of useless knowledge. You have a little experience, but it's starting to feel a little irrelevant. Some days, that's just how I feel. I have chosen to give up what I know to do something new and all the previous knowledge I had isn't really helping with what I'm trying to do now. I'm sure it's helped with the transition, but when you're starting from scratch, a little help doesn't always seem like much. I am having fun, but a little progress would be great for team morale.


Every time I see this, I think...it couldn't be more true. I don't feel like I'm going to fail, but I can't see the end just yet. I'm still confident in my decision though. :o) I'm happier.

Keepin' it movin in the direction that may be forward.


Big Numbers: Day 316 (School Spirit)

I had an order for shirts too. Weird. It was FUUUUUUN! It felt new. Something different. I still got it! *cabbage patch*

Chekk 'em out.




I really like this saying. Good job Paul Quinn!!

Interesting SYM1 Tidbit...

Have you realized this? I hardly ever center my work. I usually orient to the right, well MY right. Greek stuff did that to me. Well maybe not, but I'm going to blame it on that.  We like to wear our letters over our heart, so in general, when I paint other things, I put it on my right too. I like it though. It's one of my SYM-isms.


Holiday Shopping with SYM

Hey everybody! Tis the season for giving and for super unique gifts, you should give the gift of SYM1. I will be very busy, so things generally go a little differently around this time. As always, I'm posting the guidelines for getting your orders in time for Christmas.

For Ornaments: To get your ornaments by Saturday, December 3rd, please have your orders in by Wednesday, November 23rd. To see some examples of what styles are available for purchase, clikk here, here, and/or here. Of course you can pikk colors that will match your holiday decor. Turnaround for all other orders for ornaments is 7 days.

For all other custom orders: To receive your custom order in time for Christmas, please place your order by  Monday, December 5th at no additional cost. If time allows, additional orders may be taken from December 6-13 for an additional fee. All orders will be shipped on or by Monday, December 19th.

Items that have already been completed (AVAILABLE) may be purchased up until Sunday, December 18th at no additional fee.

***SYM1 will be participating in Cyber Monday. I will give you details just prior to Thanksgiving (because I haven't exactly decided what I want to do yet.) There will be some VERY special items available, so, please stay tuned and don't spend all your money on Friday. Save some for me! ***


Big Numbers: Day 315

This one is short. Promise. I had an order for baby stuff. I made it and some extra. Here it is:





Cute, huh?

In other news, shopping for clothes has really been a testament to how much I haven't been painting them (and how much I haven't been shopping in general). I used to know where to get everything, an alternate place if the first one didn't work out, and price for each of those places. If there was a coupon, I knew where to get it. Well, those days seem to be gone. Things that used to come in 5 pakks now come in 4 pakks. The price is different. Higher. There are no more coupons. If people don't shop on a regular basis, these are things they may not notice. For someone like me, that shops every week for the same exact items, I have witnessed the change. It's not pretty. The recession is real...or at least the tactics to make us think it's real are real! I need to readjust my prices. It's sad. The consumer always takes the L. How do you win? *le sigh* That was my sad note for the month. I guess. My onesies are cute though, right? 


Big Numbers: Day 313

Ok. So, I didn't complete any of this work on any of these days, but this is going to make this easier for all of us. Well, easier for me and that's what counts. I have been working on some new stuff. I haven't been posting...for no good reason. Well, now I am. Pay attention.

I liked "Vivica." I liked her a lot. I was sad to see her go. So, I decided to make another chikk that looked like her. Same body. Same pose. Same color hair (and nipples). New hair style. New bakkground. New name. Here she is:

"Wet Paint"
Acrylic on Canvas

**I took lots of pictures of this. This happened to be the one w/ the best representation of the colors. It's also the only one with my hand in it. Go figure. -__-

If you didn't know, I absolutely LOVE the Rihanna S&M video. LOVE LOVE LOVE. All the colors and just...everything. It was like a big PARTY inside a candy jar...naked. I love it. It just makes me want to dance and throw glitter and eat cupcakes. Oddly enough, it doesn't make me want to be tied up or spanked...or even have sex. *shrugs* Whatever. I wish I had considered putting ropes on her wrists when I started, but I think the title goes w/ the theme.

I watched the video before I painted this. That's where the big yellow dots and the green and white stripes come from. I pikked the colors from Rihanna's shoes in that scene. I tried to go with the red hair, but it just wasn't working for me. I stukk with the pink. There's a lot going on here. I like it.  If I had a special closet for daytime painties or bikinis, that's where I would hang this.What y'all think?


Big Numbers: Day 314

I might still be on my Rihanna thing. *Hi, Rihanna.* I think I worked on these two paintings (today's and tomorrow's) around the same time. The numbers say, one after the other, but that might be a lie. I'll explain that tomorrow. Stay tuned. It will be in depth and interesting. Not really, but read it anyway, because it'll include pretty pictures and stuff.

I was sketching with no idea what I hoped to accomplish. Decided it looked like a pin up girl. I googled. I was right. I added some clothes...that were in a similar shape to the outfit Rihanna wore in the S&M video. I made it a two piece. I noticed a lot of the pin up photos had an all American feel, so I changed the colors. Added jewels. Leopard print belt! Yellow bakkground...just because I wanted to. This is what happened:

268/1000 "Bossy"
11x14 Acrylic on Canvas

It makes me feel just like the title. She has this "I'm fly and I know it" attitude with her hands on her hips daring you to disagree. I decided that she's at the beach. We can't see her feet, but I KNOW she's rokkin some six inch heels. We see these chikks all the time. They're all dressed up at the most inappropriate places.Who's rokkin six inch heels at the beach? This chikk!!! And it's weird, because you want to be mad, but you can't because, well, she's cute. And she can't walk, but she looks damn good. Maybe it's a photo shoot? We can pretend.

I just decided that it would really be cool to change the artwork in my home to match each season. People do it. Rich people that can afford two whole sets of furniture do it. I can pretend. She'd be one of my summer pieces. AND I want this outfit. I'm going to make more as soon as I figure out where she needs to go. Kinda like Wendy's wig head Shekeetha...or however it's spelled.

I did this little piece too. Scribbling. For fun. I'm digging the title and I'd like to report that most of my paints have NO FUMES.

269/1000 and 103/365 "Valentines and Paint Fumes"