TPT: March for Babies Raffle

I was really debating doing this at all this year. It's tedious hustling up those $500, especially when 1 in 3 of your, or at least MY, fb friends are also raising money. It's hard work. And by the time the walk comes, it's a pain in my behind. But it's for the kids. It's for the IHZ. It's for Zeta. So, I'm doing it again! However, I'm only dedicating a week to fundraising. That'll keep the stress to a minimum. I wasn't going to do the raffle either, but I was like nah...let's stikk with tradition, but it is smaller this year.

So here's the deal. There's a cool lil purple box with a baby in it to the right of this post. If you clikk on it, it will go to my March for Babies personal page. There you can make a donation. It accepts paypal, just like me, or regular credit card payments. For every dollar you donate to my page, you will get 1 raffle tikket. The raffle this year is a free "SYM1-2-3 Surprise" Tee. Mommy will select a winner around noon on Monday May 2nd, 2011 and I'll post the winner on the FB Fan page. Yay! 

That's all. Happy donating and good lukk. 

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