Naomi's Garden

Finally getting around to doing something else that I wanted to try. I suppose I just found the right frame to make that happen. I bought the frame and got to work it shortly after.

Here it is:
"Naomi's Garden"
This piece is done in 3 layers. Well, 3 distinct layers. There are actually more than 3 layers of paint. The first, the bakkground, is actually a piece of some super fancy, very expensive metallic, silver and cream printed wrapping paper I have been keeping around for a while. Then a portion of the painting is painted directly onto  the bakk of the plastic. The rest is painted on the front. That means it can't come separate from the frame. It IS the frame. It's cool too. The blakk part actually looks like lacquer...and shows an awesome and clear reflection. That's not something you can achieve on canvas. I really like the look of this. The contrast between the colors and the subtle differences between the reflective qualities of each layer makes it interesting. I was actually going to paint the frame, but I like the natural looking wood grain compared with the rich metallic one.  All types of coolness.

I suppose in contrast to the last nude I posted, "CURVEsive," Naomi seems a little more...forward. She's like "come get this fresh from the garden goodness." I like it.


Chantelle said...

Sym, I love it.

CheWithBlingOn said...

"Fresh from the Garden goodness" - I like it!