Big Numbers: Day 297 Ornaments AGAIN

Mommy was kinda jealous that I had found a project that she couldn't help with. The ribboned ornaments never agreed with her. She also asserted that she did not want to make another sequined ornament. I took her to the store to shop for a crafting kit. That alone was a big deal, because she hasn't been in a store in MONTHS! She said all the crafts looked like kiddie crafts and she wanted a "big girl" set. I laughed. So of course I had to find her something to do. Preparing myself for future motherhood...*sigh*

I remembered this blog post on bliss bloom {blog} that I really liked of a felted Christmas tree.


I was planning on doing it eventually, but I thought it would be a good project for mommy. It's easy and it takes a long time. :o) Of course, I had to test it out to make sure it was a suitable activity for the mommy. It went rather nicely. I showed her. She liked it, so it was a done deal. I began to get the pieces together so she could do them herself.

I couldn't find the cones, so I did it on a styrofoam ornament first. I didn't have felt on hand, so I used an old table cloth. It gave it an interesting texture. The edges are frayed. I thought that was cool. It also made for a very big mess. Oops. Anything for mommy though. It took FOREVER to cut out the circles. I did about 300. Hopefully that's enough for her to finish a pakk of ornaments. There are just five left.

Stakks on dekk.
(In other news...this reminds me how colorless my room is. Must. Paint.)
After I cut out AAAAAAAALLLL the circles, I added the ribbons to the top and went to give her a quikk tutorial. Now, I'm just waiting for her to do something. We'll see if/when that happens. Here's how mine turned out:

Not bad huh? 

I loved it because I didn't have to buy anything. I'm considering dying what's left of the table cloth so we can have a different color. I'm committed to using what we have as often as I can. That makes me earth conscious or something, right? Definitely cost conscious!  Once I'm done w/ my personal projects, I'm going to make my own. Maybe w/ the dyed leftovers. I want to make some garland too! We shall see.

P.S. I'm beginning to learn that round stuff is considerably harder than not round stuff...in EVERY medium. Wompers.

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