"They're letting you paint PEOPLE now?"

It's true! I'm pretty good too. Now, if I can match that up with pretty fast, I see this going places. I took the official sidekikk with me last night to Trikk or Treating at the North Georgia Premium Outlets. We posted up in the food court for 4 hrs and painted the faces of kids and a few mommies. Here are my last four creations. Cute friends, all dressed as the same baseball player...one of the girls' little brother.

Am I ready for birthday parties? Say YES!
For some reason, I'm getting into dressing up for Halloweeen again, but in my not so old age, I refuse to spend REAL money on costumes. Big investments on things you're only going to wear once don't move me, so I try to make what I have work. This year I spent $5. I bought a pair of orange wings at Dollar Tree and built my costume around that. I also bought a wand and tiara set and some BRIGHT make up that didn't work. Then I went over to Michael's and purchased some flowers for my hair, and some ribbon to decorate that awfully ugly wand. This was the final result.

Spring Fairy!

I'm not going to leave out the part where I also purchased the makings of a clown and a cowboy on these trips. I'll save them for another year along with my gavel and softball-esque accessories that I have yet to wear.

The sidekikk went as a ladybug. I painted her face in between customers. She mentioned not wanting to wash it off....not sure what she was going to save it for. Halloween isn't until tomorrow. lol.

Ok, so, who's baby is having a birthday? I've got lots of paint left and I'm ready to work! 


Sankofa said...

WOW!!! Nice job! looks like you had plenty fun! I like the fairy costume. I'm a thrift shopper for costumes. i mad a pirate, Michael Jackson and a safari guide for like 7 bucks ( not me all children)well hope to see u on more face painting adventures!

SYM1 said...

So far, I've been a nerd and a cave woman. All under 10 bukks. I've got the makings for about 3-4 more costumes and nowhere to go. BUMMER! I hope to have more face painting gigs soon...if only to use up the rest of this paint. It was fun though.