Art Adventures: Flux 2011

Friday night, me and the bf made our way to Flux 2011. I had never heard of it before. I just happened to stumble across the info while looking for something else. It looked interesting. I decided to go.

"Flux is the annual one-night public art event presented by Flux Projects in the streets and empty spaces of the Castleberry Hill Arts District. The evening features projections, dance, theater, music, multimedia, sound and light installations, parades, puppetry, and iron pours. Starting at 8pm with a lantern parade, the projects continue until the evening ends with iron fireworks at midnight." 

It was really cool. There was something to look at everywhere. All the galleries were filled. There were pieces in crevices between buildings....and on the sidewalks...and on the people. Some of the artists used projections on abandoned buildings...on store front windows...on light poles...and fences. There was just stuff EVERYwhere. It was also cold. We missed the fireworks. Kinda disappointed about that. Fireworks are good for dates. I'm not even sure what an iron firework is. Maybe I can google. Seemed interesting.

I didn't take my regular camera...wompers...but here are a few of the pieces I liked and managed to capture with my cellphone.

There were two of these. The other was HUGE. It was of Uncle Sam. I'm not sure why the artist chose leaves, but I thought it was pretty cool. Almost like a topiary, but not. :o)

Bf said this one should be called, "Kiss My Ass."
There was lots of furniture. Some was nontraditional shapes, but with traditional materials. Some was the exact opposite. We tried some and just admired others. I liked this one because it reminded me of my Twitter avi. :o) @SYM1DidIt

Super people...

entirely of paint samples. COOOOOL. 

I really liked this one. Ya'll know I love a loooong nekk. 

THIS was my favorite!! By far. I want one.

This was under a bridge. It reminded me of the jellyfish scene in Finding Nemo. They were soooo cute! I do want one. Wouldn't a mini version be cool in an aquatic themed nursery? A snazzy night-light? Of course it would! 
This is me in front of something large and shiny. 

 I had lots of fun (the peaceful kind) and it was FREE!!! Can't beat that with a stikk. 

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