After: Touched by Art

Heeeey ya'll...

So, the event was on Wednesday. It was COLD! That was tragic. It was slated to be an indoor/outdoor rooftop event. I'm not sure if anyone actually made it outside. Me and Bf sneaked off in the middle to grab a bite to eat. *shhhh don't tell nobody* It was one of the prettiest events I've participated in. They were setting up when I arrived and they really spent time trying to make the area look it's best. Very pink. There was a really good turn out and I'm sure a lot of money was raised.

I did manage to get a picture of most of the artwork, but I missed the live painters. I was trying to wait til they actually got something on the canvas, but then I forgot. I know I had mentioned that I would be painting, but I tell no lies when I say the guys had Debo'd ALL the space. Not sure how that worked out, but I was a little disappointed. No biggie. Here are the pics...

Here's my "Vivica" w/ the swag bags below. 
 It was a silent auction, so I didn't get to see how much she went for. Wompers.

One of the pieces...made w/ puzzle pieces. Coolness. 

This piece was created by the host. She's a cancer survivor. 

Vendor's table. CUSTOM shoes!!! by Ms. MaryMac

The End

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