FINALLY! All Seasons Have Hair

It's been two months, but I'm done! I think I'm happy with them all, for different reasons. Without further ado...

The Original: "Winter in My Hair" 
I don't have much to say about this one, it's already been said. It's my favorite of the set. Maybe just because I did it first. You can chekk out the original blog here.

The final piece: "Spring in My Hair"
This one gave me a hard time. First, I hated it. I had a gray bakkground with BIG blue rain drops. UGH! Then, the champagne explosion created an additional issue. This one suffered the most damage. I had to take care of the champagne, then the rain. Finally, after maybe 3 coats of white, I decided to do pink flowers instead. Now, I think it's cute!

Number 2: "Summer in My Hair"
This one came pretty easy. I had an idea. I did it. No problems. Since I was inspired by the beach, maybe my connection to the water made it easy? Who knows. Sounds good. I'll take it.

Number 3: "Fall in My Hair"
This one has an alternate name...an alter identity >> "Lay in My Hair." That's what it made me think of when I said " Fall in My Hair" and since I'm in charge, my thoughts matter, so we'll roll with that. iWin! I originally thought this one was a little sparse, but this is what it looked like outside my window. Naked trees...and sky. That's it. I suppose the leaves in her hair are a memory of fall 3 weeks ago.

I feel accomplished! I wanted to do something. I did it. I like them. I'm happy. Now, who wants to buy Fall, Summer, or Spring?


Sankofa said...

I like em all. Fall and summer are my favs! live the leaves! great work as usual!

SYM1 said...