Getting in the Spirit

I'm determined this year....to get in the spirit. I was even excited about decorating. It went by very fast though, so I need more projects. I got the tree and things up on Friday. Pretty much did the same thing as I did on last year's tree. We're adding some things to our custom tree. I'm adding things to the overall decor. I suppose I'll post it as I complete each project. Today, I just wanted to show off my wreaths. Chekk em out:

You get a wreath...no welcome mat. lol.

Coat Chekk
Apartment B
So, these weren't hard. I promise. Lots of Christmas pikks. Maybe about 10 each. I just stikk em in and wrap some of the sprigs around to keep it secure. Some of the little "berry" bunches are mini bulbs linked together with ornament hooks and tied on the same way as the pikks. Easy! Inexpensive. I got it all on sale. Trying to make the house look nice for the craft party. Everybody say ooooooh! I'll keep you posted on my progress.


Sankofa said...

craft party?!?!?! i want to attend

any hoo nice work i like the one that says apt b. it's lovely! yaay holiday Sym work! new ornaments this year?

SYM1 said...

Awww, I'm sorry Tan. You definitely would have been on the guest list had you been able to come. We had lots of fun. I want to do it again.

Definitely new ornaments this year. I'm sure you've seen them already, but I'm going to create the post now.