SYM1 Did It!!! for Christmas

Well, Christmas is over and as I stare at this tree thinking I could use two extra storage bins to put this stuff in, I can't help but think of what I'm going to add to it next year. We're two years in and our completely custom tree is nearly done. I say we have about 95% handmade items on it. I'm incredibly proud of us.

 We started last year with these sequined and ribbon covered ornaments.

I managed to get a few glittered ones in as well.

This year we didn't do many bulbs, but I did manage to make a two leopard print glass ornaments and we made a paper chain to encircle the entire tree. (Card stokk is EXPENSIVE!!)

Peep my animal print paper!

I honestly don't know what will be next, but I want to add some BIG stuff. We're slowly spreading the handmade holiday decor around the house, so I'm sure there will be plenty to do. This year I made these ribbon covered cone trees.
Next year, I'll start by giving them toppers.
Oh well, I've got plenty of time to think about it. In the meantime, I'm not looking forward to putting all this stuff away.


Ashley said...

Colorful...are you going to {{eventually}} make extras to be sold so others can have hand-made decorations for their trees?

and I SO feel you on the taking down/storing all things Christmas. I wish the decorations could take themselves down and box themselves up. I'll happily put them in the attic, I just hate taking them down

SYM1 said...

I'm not sure, but it WOULD be fun to include some ornaments in my 1000 pieces. I have a lot of ornaments and stuff that could really use a home outside of my garage. Things come here and NEVER see light.