POP Champagne

I've been absent. I haven't been working like I should have, because...there have been...obstacles in my way. I miss my paint and my paint room and my quiet time...ALONE. However, the season of giving is upon me and I have to pull it together to get things done in time for Christmas...and winter crossings.

Maybe two days before Thanksgiving I was working on the other 3 seasons in my hair. It was hard. I think I liked the first one too much. I'm not completely happy with them. I was/am annoyed. Thanksgiving eve, I pull my drop mat with the other 3 seasons in my hair over into the corner as not to offend our holiday guests with my mess. I go to bed.

I wake up thanksgiving morning to my mother SCREAMING my name at 7:57am like she was in a non-urgent emergency. That particular explanation would require an entirely unrelated post...soooo...anyway, she's like we need some help. Come downstairs. I'm like....what could you possibly need at before 8am. She explains to me what happened. You wanna see?

We bottle poppin?
A friend of mommy's decided to bring her a bottle of champagne for her birthday. We set it in the living room to show off, since we weren't prepared to drink it. Auntie and mommy are sitting watching TV...and BOOM! Champagne EVERYWHERE. Glass flying to the faraway corners of the room. Stuff jakked up. House smelling like bubbly. Champagne in the TV cabinet...on the chairs...on the walls...on the MARBLE table...the carpet...and in 3 whole seasons of my hair! So guess what's all stikky and needing to be done again? Mmmmmhm. And guess who has to do it? Mmmmhm. I guess it works that I wasn't all the way happy with them. Now I don't have to feel bad about repairing them. Or what might happen while I try to repair them.

Thank God I was in bed. If I had been painting in my usual spot...Thank God mommy and auntie are ok. That's my story. Has this happened to anyone else before?

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