Big numbers: Still don't know which day it is

I bet by now you can see how irrelevant the day has become. Still counting my work though. Let's see. The painting from the previous post? Yeah I started over. It was going really well for a couple of hours. I'm almost done and think...nope, it's not right. I was ready to start over...AGAIN. However, as I typed that, I had an idea. This also means that I'll have to finish the darned thing to know if it works. THAT is annoying. But it must be. I will try it.

I've finished a couple pieces over the last few days. One of which I can't show you yet, but here are the ones I can show you. Chekk this out...

For my friend DC. 222/1000

For me, unless someone can convince me through finance that I don't deserve it.
223/1000 "BLOW" 16x20

224,225,226/1000 and...some other numbers of 365. lol.
I think the color is a little more muted here than it is in person.
 "Floral en Neutral"

"Floral en Neutral" 97,98,99/365
I don't think I showed ya'll this, but I think I did a good job, so I wanted to share. I made this for my mentee for her birthday...then I wanted one. In different colors though. It may or may not happen. Ya'll know me.

207/1000 (front)

207/1000 (bakk)

Ok. That's all I have for today. I may be able to post new stuff tomorrow. Gotta finish something first. We shall see!

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Sankofa said...

I love the flowers!!! great work as usual!