Big Numbers: What day is it...again again?

I dunno. I'm not even trying to count. I do have pics though. Of things. And then I'm going to go outside and finish up more things so I can post pics of that too. I mean, just awesome on top of awesome. I'm not really as excited as I sound. I have no idea why. I'm happy to be making progress. I think I was a little bored this week. I'm not going to speak too much on that though. I have to conduct further studies to see if that was just a moment or if it was an ultimate revelation that I need to deal with. We shall see. I think tonight and the rest of the weekend, I'm going to focus on paint...and home. I am in a pretty good mood, and that is good for creativity, because I'm completely comfortable in silence. I may do a lil music. Toss some glitter and slang some paint. STAND BAKK!!!

So......this is what I finished this week:

217 and 218/1000
I made these for my cousin and her hubby to be. They are going to Vegas!

The front of both shirts. 

219/1000 These bad boys is SHINAAAAY!



215/1000 "Currently Untitled"

Now...I'm gonna go inhale some fumes. Not really. I wear a mask. Extended exposure will cause cancer. IN YOUR LUNGS!!! I need those. But I'll be bakk. With more pictures and maybe some correct days.

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ARTina said...

Awesome X Awesome - Lame X Awesome Again!