Big Numbers: Something Different

So, SYM1 who's afraid of (wild) snakes really thinks they are beautiful. I am particularly fond of albino pythons. I LOVE the colors. I googled. Apparently there are bunches of different kinds of albino pythons. Who knew? Not me. I also learned that there are grey-ish ones called lavender albinos. CUTE! Wanna see?

Ain't "he" pretty?!?!?!
They actually have some more that really LOOK lavender. I think that's so cool.
This was my inspiration. Love the "cross" on it's head.
In the beginning...

Then after that. 

I almost forgot to take the picture, but I caught myself in time. Yay me! 

Still not done. Too much red. 
*sigh* Not yet...
236/1000 "Slither" 
I want to paint another one of these. The yellow and cream one. Pretty! Whatcha think?

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