Big Numbers: Day 240 Part I

I told ya'll I would get my days in order. I may be slow, but I am not a liar.

So, I'm coming to find that I'm really enjoying painting with my own ideas from my own imagination. The more I take the time to do that, the more I realize how much more fulfilling it is. (For those that know how I operate...that's a warning.) I feel.......peaceful. I'm generally more happy with the outcome too. I have more time than normal. I'm gonna try to stay on it.

This painting was inspired by a photo of a bakk tattoo I really liked. I was actually going to paint the photo. changed my mind. Decided to do my own thing. I liked this much better. I didn't do a photo between every step, because I forgot. *shrugs* I was foooocused!

And here's the completed product:

239/1000 "Leilani"

Closer. ;o) 

Stikking with a common SYM1 theme, I experimented with different finishes. Her body and the flowers were glossy and the rest was a matte finish. But I didn't like it. It didn't make much of an impact, so I ended up just covering the whole thing. Now she's glistening. It's niiiiice! Peep my WOOD GRAIN. Very SYM-ish. I actually decided to do that based on another painting that I did that I have yet to post. I'll get it up later this week. I love the final product. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now, who gon buy it?