Big Numbers: Just look...

Ok. I still don't know what day it is. I'm going to chekk one day. I actually kind of enjoy this not knowing. I mean, I knoooow I'm behind, but I'm just not sure how much unless I chekk. So, I'm going to delay that for..........indefinitely. :o)

Yesterday started off in an unhappy place, but last night was the BUSINESS! I finished 3 paintings and a bag. And I like them all. I rokk. Here's the stuff I can show:

I know I showed these already...whatever. I made another one.
Feel your boobies ladies (and gentlemen)! 

"Blowin Smoke Too"
You may recognize this. I've done it before in red. Now, it's orange. It's also sold, but I can make more. 

229,230,231/1000 and 100,101,102/365
"Blow: Like the Wind"
3 5x7 Panels
I know I said I wasn't doing these anymore, but I had agreed to do these last year for my soror Artina as a part of an art trade. Well, we're just getting around to said trade and she didn't change her mind about which shirts she wanted. *sad face* Being all true to my word and such, I did as was promised. It wasn't too painful. I hadn't done anything greek in a few months. So it hardly bothered me. Still not doing anymore. I did a painting for her as well. The one that was giving me all those problems? Yep...mmmhm. Artina's fault. Well, I'm done now and as soon as I find a box for it, I'll send all these things to her and show you guys the painting once she's seen it. YAY!!!

214 and 213/1000
Anybody else want to trade a lil something for a lil something else? I'm down. Other than that, this post is done. Happy Thursday everybody! *cabbage patch*

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ARTina said...

I. AM. SO. GEEEEEKED! Outstanding, just like I thought they would be! I cannot wait to see the painting! I'm having trouble finding a box for the doll...I may have to include some assembly instructions for the stand! We'll see. Sorry the painting was giving you problems, but I know it is stellar. Thanks for coming (briefly) out of 'nalia retirement for lil ole me!