"All Pink Everything" 10.24.10

I had a VERY full weekend. I ended it Sunday night with a fashion show hosted by Dream Pink, Inc. at Blue Mark Studios in Atlanta. 

As is becoming common, I painted up to the very moment I left the house and was able to create two more pieces before I got dressed and bolted out the door. FUN! I promise. I opened up the show this time, which worked out well. For one, the models weren't exhausted by the time it was my turn. Also, to my delight, they took their shots with the photographer in my clothes. Yay me! So as soon as I arrived at the venue, I got straight to work. Fitted and dressed my models, then sent them to walk a pretty pink runway, but not before we snapped a few photos!

A whole bunch of AWESOME
If you've been following, I did use some of the pieces from the shows this summer, but I added some new pieces too. I even tried a new style of shirt. It worked out VERY well. I'm so excited. It feels good to try new things and they turn out nice, especially after I stress so much about construction. What do you guys think?

This may become my official summer 2011 shirt!
It was a good time. The models were cute and sweet. The make up was faaaabulous and everybody, guys included, had a little pink hair piece to set the looks off. It was a fun event and not nearly as long as some of the other ones I went to. Thank God. I even managed to run into someone from another show. Apparently Atlanta fashion industry isn't as big as it seems. Every experience is a learning one.

Right before I made the long trip back out to "horse country," as fellow blogger/soror/friend Pieces of Me  calls it, I managed to snap a quick photo with  the coordinator of the show and CEO of Dream Pink Inc., Danielle Perry, before she took her shoes off.

She's really not THAT much taller than me. iPromise.
That's it for the this post. Two more to go. To see more photos from the show, head over to the Fan Page.

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