Festival of the Arts 10.2.10

I went. It was a bust. Not my fault. Everybody (term used loosely) LOVED my stuff, but it was lots of fun. It was a beautiful day and there was (good) live music the entire time. I really think people missed out....and maybe even some animals too. The event was to benefit the Cherokee County Humane Society, so lots of the attendees brought their dogs out to play. I brought paint!

Official Sidekikk of SYM1
Canvas. OOOOOH!
I took my mannequin out for the first time (shout out to @prncsskimmy for the awesome gift). I think I remember mentioning that I would name them as a family. Haven't gotten that far, but she looked lovely in my fav SYM1 lizard tee and a pair of my old jeans. I wonder if they still fit. I'm tempted to put them on again after seeing her in them. Stuff always looks so good on the mannequin.

iRokk SYM1

I did this tee for a  fashion show. It's definitely NOT my size, but since I'm currently tired of my "old" I figured I could keep this one for my self. Cut the collar out to make it wide. Let it hang off the shoulder. Winner!


Ashley said...

LOVE it!!!

Sankofa said...

Yaay! shirt looks nice on you. new blog! love reading up on the haps!