Process: The Dragon

I did it again. For your viewing pleasure...the Dragon. It's SO hard to remember to take these pictures, but I don't think I missed a step this time. Never mind, yes I did. I have no idea what made me want to do a dragon. I was already done with this, but I guess to culminate the experience I watched How to Train Your Dragon this morning. I was moved. I could have cried...if the timing was right. It wasn't. Speaking of time, I actually started timing myself for this piece. I failed to accurately trakk the entire thing, but it took me a pretty long time. It was fun...for like the first 3 hrs. Then it stopped. Here are the pics. What say you? 

Ok, now that they're all posted, I'm thinking you can't really see some of the details and changes from step to step, but you can see some of them. iTried. 


Sankofa said...

and... this is the brilliance that i expect from SYM! i love it. it's cool to see a piece come together pic by pic!!! you should show us more often!

SYM1 said...

Thanks! I think you said the same thing the last time...so I did another one. It's just hard to remember to take the pics. I'll see what I can do.