TPT: If it is, it is art

A couple of weeks ago, there was an artist I follow on twitter tweeting live from an art show. Said artist was on twitter, posting pics of some of the pieces with "BAD ART" as the descriptions. Admittedly, I did agree with him in some of the instances. Some of it was the kind of art that makes you go "REALLY? You just gon spread some dirt on the carpet and call it a masterpiece?"  But as a whole, I don't believe that there is a such a thing as BAD ART. Nothing is unworthy of being art. Everything counts. Remember my "Life is Art" post? It all counts and it all matters. Everything else is subjective. 

**Just after writing this, I read this post by Kesha Bruce on Understanding Difficult Art. I think she was talking about same issue I mentioned above. The dismissal of art that you don't get. I admire her optimism when looking at pieces that most of us may consider questionable. She gives some tips that may help you get it...or forget it. Everything ain't for everybody.**

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