Big Numbers: A friend for Umami

I still don't know which day it is. I'm still not going to take the time to chekk. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow when I actually finish something new. Today, I just wanted to show ya'll this other naked chikk I painted last week. Between my house guests and this crazy frikkin internet, I haven't had a chance to post.

She's lovely, and mommy named her. The bakkground was inspired by this African fabric that I googled. I didn't save the picture, because I never do. But I loved the colors and the leaves. I actually found LOTS of patterns that I liked. It's a good place to start for me. Maybe you'll see more in the future. Anyway, I started this during the #twitterartmarathon so I have a few of the early photos as well.

In the beginning....

Then after that....
"Margarita" 212/1000
Peep her glossy shine. This was much easier than the first time. I have no idea why.

"Margarita" 212/1000

I'll be bakk with more in the near soon time. God knows I have plenty to paint. I haven't pikked up a brush in a few days, but I was able to sketch some things out while my internet failed. I think I'll work on those today and just skip the whole clean my room thing that should probably be near the top of my list. Maybe I'll do both.....or not. Have a happy Tuesday!


shep8 said...

You still got this one available Sym? When i get some bread may need to take this one off your hands.

SYM1 said...

I actually just sold it. I will make more. You can buy one of those. :o)