Big Numbers: Day 178 #twitterartmarathon

I linked up w/ some other artsy folks on Tuesday for the #twitterartmarathon and spent the majority of the day PAINTING! It was awesome. Mostly because I got the chance to work WITH other people. In different time zones and countries. Oh snap! Even if they weren't physically here, we were all working at the same time. Then we were supposed to update by posting photos at least once an hour. Easy business. 

I had such a good time AND I actually got something done. That doesn't always work when I'm working alone. I was happy about that. I completed one order and I started two paintings. And I added some finishing touches to some of these pieces I need to ship...tomorrow. lol. 

Here are the onesies I did: 

Diff version of an old design



205/1000 (bakk)

Final count for the day was 4. That puts me at something ridiculous...like 206/796/187 to go, as of Tuesday. Not worried. I am sleepy though. 

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