Big Numbers: Day 110

*waves* Heeeeeey! *throws confetti* I'm in a good mood. I finished stuff. I'm ALMOST not behind on orders. Just one left. I'm going to have time to play catch up for me. I did finish two canvases today. They were orders, but they felt like they were for me. I did what I wanted. I had fun.

Here's the one I'm showing you tonight. My friend Mr. Jolly asked me to do something for him. It's been years since he got something from me and my skill shave increased considerably. I was happy to outdo myself. His description, in the beginning was....ummm...extra detailed, but we scaled it down to just a few elements. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be like in my head, but when it came out, it looked right.

146/1000 "Dwell" 

Now, when I posted the sneaky peeky, I'm sure some of you thought it, though only one of you said it...it's not Greek related. He asked for red, blakk and white. Same colors I did on his hoodie way bakk when. He asked for a 5, his favorite number, to represent God's grace. A crown, because he fancies himself a king. A lil something Baltimore to represent the hometown. And the quote. It is awesome. Maybe even a lil cokky in the name of Jesus! lol. He hasn't seen it yet. Let's hope there is confetti throwing. :D 

So for today, by the time I go to bed, because I'm writing early. I'll be up to 5 pieces completed. That puts me at...151 down. 949 pieces and 255 days to go. EEEEEEK!  


Ashley said...

me likes...a lot

Anonymous said...

I like, sis! Keep rocking!

Louis said...

Hell yea!! Well done Mrs. Jolly!!! Ur talent never ceases to amaze me!! All types of confetti, liquor, and what not is flying!

Hardwork Artwork said...

I love your ambition Symone!

SYM1 said...

Thanks ya'll.
Louis, you're terribly silly. Love you.