Why Shop SYM1: 1-5

So, here are a few reasons why one should SHOP SYM1. I'll release them in sets of 5 as I go.

1)UNIQUENESS. I've never duplicated shirts for an individual more than maybe 5 times. Now not only is EVERY piece different, simply because they are done by hand, but I also purposely change things so that no two will ever be too much alike. That means that in the whole country there will most likely be no more than 5 people with shirts SIMILAR to yours.
2)PRICE. To get anything this rare anywhere else, will cost considerably more, but quite possibly won't be hand done.
3)OPTIONS. You can get whatever you want. Just send in a request, and I'll make it happen. What store is going to do that?
4)TEXTURE. There's something about the way the light hits the designs that make them much more interesting than anything you can get in mass. Depending on the design, they are also fun to touch.
5)PRIDE: People always hit me up to tell me how many compliments they get when they wear their SYM1. Who doesn't like to be told how nice they look? THEN to top it off, nobody will ever be able to look quite the same.

That's one through five in no particular order. I somehow feel I should release here more. We'll see how that goes.


Sankofa said...

Yes!!! The world should rokk SYM1.... because it is cool, and unique and hand painted and awesome and did I mention cool?

SYM1 said...

Thank you!