What I'm Working On: KOI

Ok, I couldn't think of a particular subject that I wanted to discuss, so I'm bakk to typing just to see where it takes me. I was beginning to think that writing was one of my gifts, but this is harder than I thought. lol.

Anyway, the schedule is going well. Sort of. I haven't had much to do but paint and I haven't exactly reached my goals on that. I'm just enjoying myself so much on my "free week" that I'm spending a little more time on each piece, because they are new and exciting. I've still got quite a bit to do, but I'm actually excited about EVERY piece I'm doing. I've got a full plate of NEW NEW, Pisces (YUUUP!), Cancer, Taurus, a series of NFL shirts (I'm SO ready for football) and I'm trying to make some new things for myself.

Last night I did a koi shirt for my friend's mother:
She really liked a similar shirt I did for myself (which is currently my favorite shirt), and she wanted one too:

I never realized how much I was influenced by Asian themes and HOURS of watching Miami Ink, until I started talking about doing dragons and phoenix(es?) and koi (which I've always loved) with cherry blossoms and lotus flowers...maybe even one of those angry geishas. lol. Since I won't be getting a tattoo any time soon, or AT ALL, I'll be putting all of my ideas on shirts. Eventually.

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