So, I'm watchin tv and there's this Red Bull commercial. Some dude hops on his bike, rides it through a street lined with people, then up ridiculously steep ramp that allows him to jump, he and the bike, to the top of some building in Vegas, to the delight of the large crowd below. THEN he turns around and jumps bakk to the same slope and down to the ground again and kills no one in the process. CRAZINESS! Red Bull gives you wings. Anyway, it got me to thinking of where/who else can give you wings...but of course don't use the slogan.

Heaven: REAL TALK, Angels are generally depicted w/ wings, but when you see them in movies/tv, they are never flying. HMMMM...curious? Indeed. Simply for decorative purposes. Which brings me to...
Victoria's Secret: Wings and panties. A combo I had never considered. NICE!
Airline of your choice: Wherever you want to go...the joy of flying!
BWW, wing spot, hotlanta wings...yo mama's kitchen: what's better than chikken?
SYM1 (of course): and I've got the outfit to prove it. :o)

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