The Acceptance Speech

**clears throat** Wow...I'm...so...not...speechless. When I joined FB, I can't say I was expecting to max out my friend list, start a second profile, have a group w/ more than 4k members, writing two and three notes a day (and actually having people care about what they said), and posting pictures of my artwork to the extent that I have. Thousands of connections, tags, comments, and photos later here I am. Today marks a very special day. Not only have I released my 100th note, but I've also posted Design ID#1000.
Now both are exciting alone, but I do find it rather auspicious that they both arrived on the same day. I believe that it truly marks the ending of one stage, and the beginning of another. I am happy. However, this could not have been made possible without a host of friends, pseudo friends, random people and groupies. I would like to take some time to thank you for all your support. Be it kind words, a purchase, or a joke, you've helped to bring me this far. So here goes:

I'd surely have to trade in my Blakk Card if I did not first thank God for blessing me with all this talent. Then my mother, who God chose especially for me. I love that woman. BEST street team member, HANDS DOWN! Shout out to daddy. Lol. Much love to Omega Mu for the encouragement to keep selling early on. Teah, for being my first paying customer (on a custom order). Ashley, Reasha, Tesha, Samyon, Lamont, and Cassandra for being some of my best customers. Harrison, Serena, Clarence, Tesha (again), Naicie for being the first from their organizations to buy something. Shout out to everybody who bought something @ BNW 06...ya'll paid for my WHOLE weekend and I had money left when I got home. To Jaz (Stars+Rocks) for trusting me with your products. OOOOH special shout out to Sim for the product, fly photos, the website, and being a good friend, even though you get on my nerves (I promise you're doing it RIGHT NOW as I type this). Yes, I said it in a public forum! To my FBC and my Sugs, I'm better b/c of both of you. Love you bunches. Shout out to GGW (especially the almost twin, Kimmy) for all the support and laughs. Brudder, Tine, T'Meshia, Bhani, Lynn, Person, Poo, Pooh Claire, Doonk, Momma, the BGY fam (I know my roots), Aceboo, Qui, Q., SEAN!!! (love u guy!), Hammy, Tanaya, Arthur for the music that kept me goin on late nights, TRICE!!!, George, Roxxie, Eric, Robbiey, anybody who trying to get their baby a job and have sent in the pics!, Cedric (for caring about the sales records), Nathaniel,Darkness, my REAL family who actually PAID for stuff!!, My KC (you've been a bigger help than you may ever know), Sweeney, Mr. Jolly, Kofi (you've helped and didn't even know it. Lol), anybody who's tagged a picture, posted a link, or invited a friend, gave me a profile picture, took pictures of other people rokkin it, tagged me in photos you found, shouted me out in a status message, gave a suggestion, pointed me towards business opportunities, or even DONATED to the March of Dimes, I know I couldn't possibly list all of you, but I really appreciate everything that you've done to help me become better. It means the world to me **pulls out tissue** YOU ROKK!!! **get off the stage music begins to play** **scene fades as I make my way off stage** **SYM1 logo flashes on the screen** **cut to commercial**


Lynnette said...

You are so very welcome, and I'm glad to also call you my SOROR!! :-) Thank YOU for the AWESOME, UNIQUE pari, and my awesome lawyer bag too!! You truly ROKK!

SYM1 said...

1st blog comment. See...today is proving to be great. Many milestones! Thanks Lynn!!!

Robert said...

lol. GGW? when the story of that becomes a major motion picture, I hope they remember who kicked all that into motion.