3 of 3: now we FLY

If you haven't noticed or haven't had a chance to see one, my business cards say my job title is a “FLYght Engineer.” I figured, I'm an artist. I'm out the box. Let me be true to my lifestyle. Recently, I was speaking with a guy and when I told him about it he just did not get it. Well, hopefully with my next move many of you will if you don't already.

Between a few items I've done previously, and trying to explain to that guy what it means to engineer FLYght, I was inspired to do an entire collection of items. Something I've never done before. It was supposed to be a series of pieces with designs centering around things that fly. Around this time, my soror @runmoonrun, offered to design an entire ad campaign for me. This made for an awesome time to flesh out my ideas and my feelings as I created these pieces around this campaign...and this collection.

The original concept was based on the hoodie I did for baby Ethan. If you missed it, chekk it out here

However, everybody isn't as fortunate as baby Ethan. Some people don't get their first bit of SYM1 heaven until they're well into their 20s. Not going to work for a whole campaign. Then it comes to me...like an epiphany (thanks Chrisette)...Take FLYght! Everybody isn't given wings at birth, but with just a little effort and the will to make it so, we all have a chance to (be) FLY. Opportunities aren't always given, sometimes you have to take them. You just have to go for it. I'm working on my wings right now...a month long hiatus. So this new direction for SYM1 means a lot to me. Now, I can admit that this wasn't the original intention of my genius. Take FLYght was definitely on some I look good tip. On some you'd look better if you were rokkin' SYM1 tip. Don't get me wrong, it's still true, but I must admit, my genius even surprises me at times. This was a great concept that was made greater by the timing and will now be the move for the next era in SYM1. First we rokked, now we FLY.

Take FLYght: Wings Courtesy of SYM1


Ashley said...

first off, shout out to Ashley and DeJuan, baby Ethan's parents

now I can say to others (who don't know or even those that do know), iRokked SYM1 and now I can "take flyght" thanks to SYM1

Sankofa said...

Strangely coincidental... I have been dreaming of wings for about 10 years now it started off with me having Jet black and silver ones... then it went to i had a tattoo of an angel on my back and her wings would become mine.. however the wings were always black and silver... hmmm... perhaps i should take FLYght too.....

SYM1 said...

@Sankofa Weren't you writing about a person w/ wings too? Is that where it came from...your dreams?

@Ashley I'm not sure I'm ready to give up the iRokk. It's like vintage SYM1. lol.