What I'm working on: LOTS of things

Chekk out the first few pieces of the Take FLYght collection. Purely coincidence that all the first pieces are bugs. Subline..."If you not rokkin SYM1, you buggin!" Lol. Ok, so what if it was corny? I'm SYM1 and I do what I want.

Oh and I have tried many (the equivalent of about 4) times to make a hat, well this time it worked.

I loved it so much I kept it. Then I made another just like it. Well...sort of.

I sent some of these new pieces and a few others to be featured in a fashion show in St. Louis. One of my dear fb friends put me on and I'm so excited to see the outcome. And...since it's like 3 weeks since I wrote this, it's safe to say it went well. I've even gotten pics and an invitation to participate in the Fall show.
I'm also in the process of designing an entire table/booth design for SYM1 and a few items for fashion shows. I promise every time I get ready to do something, I feel like I have to start over making new pieces for each event. That is in NO way conducive to saving time and preserving what's left of my mind. The goal is to have this done or at least most of it done by the time my hiatus is over. << Yeah, so I didn't get this far. However, if there is a tote show anywhere, I can gladly make a hefty contribution. I decided to focus on my inventory. Totes first. When I'm done painting them all...I'll move onto shirts and stuff. It's been fun. Still have a long way to go. I was hoping to paint EVERY blank piece I have here. Over 200 pieces. Not in a month...but in general. I'm still going! Can't stop won't stop... *straps on wings*


Ashley said...

that 'if you're not rokkin' SYM1, you buggin'" line is catchy not corny (I may even order it on tee one day, seriously)...I'm proud of how well your hiatus has gone and can't wait to see the rest of the new stuff" and I'm proud of you!

SYM1 said...

Well I'm glad you don't think it's corny Ashley. It may or may not be used. lol. I wish I had another month off...but alas, responsibilities do not take a month off. Thanks for your support!