The Small Victories

So, I developed a schedule for myself. It's not so rigid that I have to do certain things at certain times (that would drive me crazy). It's just as simple as having certain tasks delegated to certain days and starting/completing a certain number of pieces per day. I also had to limit the number of trips I take for shopping, errands, USPS and the like (those sometimes turn into all day events). It's been about two weeks and I've actually been doing very well. I'm SUPER proud of myself. I can't say I've been able to follow it to a tee (b/c I did make an "emergency" shopping trip today), but I've been doing much better. I'm excited for what will happen when I get it completely together. I already find that I'm producing more, I have more time to myself, still going hard on FB, found time for twitter (@SYM1DidIt), FINALLY updated my myspace (sym1_did_it) and I've even been sleeping. Go figure!

With my new schedule, I'm also trying to make a point to celebrate the "small" victories. It's so much more fulfilling than always waiting for something "BIG" to happen. Those who rokk w/ me on fb know I change my status with every shirt I finish. Thanks to those who give me the thumbs up. Shout out to KC and Tine for celebrating empty paint bottles with me. Today is my second Wednesday (b/c I haven't been to sleep yet) on the schedule and I've done what I needed to do. *does a lil celebratory dance* Now, it's time for bed. THAT deserves some celebration. *throws hands up* I went kinda hard today. Pooped!

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