I'm BAKK!!!!

It's been a long time since I've done this. It feels good to be doing something..."normal" for a change. Not that the things I was doing weren't normal, they were just different than MY normal. But here I am blogging and painting and selling again. You heard right. The store is OPEN! #POW

I'm excited to finally have it up and running again. I was trying to take some time to get things together here at home before I really got bakk into it, but truth be told, I was getting bored. I mean, I had things to do, but they were all dealing with surviving mommy's death. Call these people...mail this...go here...buy that...clean this...blah blah blah. I know all of this is a part of the process. It was healing, in the sense of moving forward and making progress, but not fulfilling. I decided to get bakk to work. I never stopped painting/creating. I just cut bakk considerably and I wasn't in a position to sell and ship the way I had been. I already had a few items that were just ready to post. So opening the store proved to be a little easier than anticipated, as was most of these things. Yay to that!

I know some people were concerned as to if I'd be ready to deal with this added responsibility, but I have it all worked out. I think. This store is considerably smaller than the other. This way I don't have to have all my inventory posted at once. Now, I can add new stuff from time to time and not always feel like I HAVE to make something new to post. I already HAVE new stuff to post and I'll restokk the store regularly. All I have to do is keep up and complete a few new items every week. I think this will work better for me as I still have a long list of things to take care of around here. Also, I'm not taking any custom orders right now. I'm thinking maybe next month. Haven't decided yet. We shall see. For now, just head on over to the store and see what I've done since I've been away! Push the button >>> BUTTON!

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Alexis (no official title) said...

glad that you are back. stay encourage for strength, soror.