Last chance to own a SYM1 tee???

Things are a LOT different than they were when I first started. Shipping has gone up like 18 times. Shirts went up. Even at the wholesale store. Paint went up. Bags, onesies, and pretty much everything else. Even the thank you cards!!! It's hard to just quote and run to the store and grab something the way I used to. I had been taking a lot of Ls. I really need to revamp my pricing and such. I'm actually wondering if I want to continue doing apparel at all. It's a thought. I haven't decided yet. That seems to be a theme lately. Sometimes I feel like my entire life is up in the air. There are pros and cons to that. But anyway...

I asked you all a couple of months ago for suggestions for 1 word shirts. That's how I decided on the shirts that are currently in the store. I kept the price exceptionally low, as I am really interested in and determined to clearing some of my inventory. There are piles and piles of random items limiting my space for personal storage. I want to take care of that. I have BIG plans for that space. I started with the tees, but later items will include polos, onesies, bibs and bags. I still have quite a few of those items left. Of course there will be more paintings, but those tend to take a little longer, so there won't be as many of those in the beginning, but they're coming!

Here are a few of the new shirts:

Have you been to the store yet? No? Well...clikk HERE.

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Ashley said...

Please don't stop making custom tees, I have so many to order. Not sure about your other customers but I don't want you to stop

*whispers* even if you have to raise the price(s) to accomodate what you're paying for the job (the tee, shipping, thank you card, etc)

I'll even pick up my own tees so you won't have to ship them to me but I think I'm one of few who can have that luxury if you so choose