Beading! I did it!

I never wanted to like "do" jewelry. That's not my thing, but as you may recall, I love bracelets. I thought making them would be an easy way to get some new stuff for myself. But of course I had to sell some to justify that "need." And that's how it started. I'm particularly fond of bangles, but I did that. So, after I moved into mommy's room I needed a fun project that I could do and not make a big mess. I decided beading might prove fun enough. I bought lots of beads. Starting projects tends to make me go a little overboard.

Once I found a little something that worked, I stukk with it until I got tired of making bracelets. I do that too. Jump into something head on...then move to something else when I get bored. I'll probably make more bracelets later, but right now I'm bakk to painting (on canvas). I'm tired of shirts too. I found beading to be oddly relaxing and it gives me that pleasure of completion that I enjoy so much.

Here's what I did:

 I made this one as a gift, but I may offer it for sale again later. 

This one is my fav. It was inspired by a Betsy Johnson bracelet my bestie had. 

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