So, it's two weeks later. Consistency is a process. I'm working on it. I've got good news. Wanna hear? I know.

Some people have a "bukket list" I just have "my list." Thinking about the bukket is just too much. The list I can work with though. I've actually accomplished a few things on that list already. One of them being to sell a custom shirt I painted. It's about 1,500 shirts later, so I suppose that means that was a good thing to put on the list. Another thing is that I wanted to paint (and sell) a painting. Well, I'm so awesome, I painted two! Now, if I can just get the SELL part down we'll be good to go. This too is a process.

This is my first ever painting. I'm not too moved on the frame, which is fine, b/c I'm not selling it with the frame anyway, I just wanted it to look "finished" and I felt like it needed a frame. It made a big difference.

If you haven't noticed, I love koi. I love water. I love fish. Alive and on my dinner plate. I'm fat. Don't judge. Participate. So naturally, or really not so much, my next painting would be of koi. I have an idea for my next two. Just have to make them happen. You know I'm an idea in process. ALWAYS.

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