Delayed, but not gone

I haven't forgotten about you dear blog and those who follow. I haven't been too busy to write, but I have been a little thrown as to what I should write. The 6 week, 6 event thing I did in June and early July had me a little overwhelmed. I learned A LOT. Some of it not so pretty. I was conflicted as to if I should write any of it or not, so while I debated...I ended up not writing anything. My bad.

Anyway, here's a photo from my WORST experience over those 6 weeks. It was so long ago and I don't want to dwell on it, but I must say despite what happened, it was great to see my product like this. I've got this up as the wallpaper on my laptop. Let's pretend I went all out for my vision board!

 I definitely wanted to take a break from all the running...(translated: excessive driving)...I was doing around Atlanta. I was TIRED and I think mother nature was upset with me in regard to the large amounts of gas I was burning. So, I don't have anything scheduled until October. I'm excited about it and I have lots of time to prepare. I'll keep you guys posted.

Also, I've been seeing a lot about these 365 day projects. Photography, fashion, food. I want to do one. I was particularly moved by one in a movie called "Speak" I was watching on Lifetime yesterday. In the movie, an art teacher gave the students one word (noun) to focus on for the entire school year. Every assignment was to center around and include this word. The students were allowed to choose their words from a globe. The main character chose the word tree.  By the close of the school year, she had moved from a puff on a stikk tree to many many wonderful variations of trees in different mediums. I can do that. Right? I want to do it. Not necessarily with clothes. Just for the pleasure and practice of it. I'm on a mission to choose a word. I'll accept suggestions. What do you think?

So there's my quikk update to get bakk into the swing of things. I'll be bakk within the week with another post.


Sankofa said...

words are so expansive... one and focusing on it is a daunting task... if i had to pick one it would be green, because of the impact that it has on society, going green, green money, green with envy... i see it everyday and it is my favorite color :)

thanks for the update!

ps .. a SYM1 store would be awesome!

SYM1 said...

Green is my favorite color (right now) lol. I'm not sure if I'd want to make 365 pieces in green though. I think I would be bored...and I'd still have too much freedom. Strange huh? I can also think of some great things about it too...like how everything would "match." It's something to consider. Thanks!