If you keep a journal, and then go bakk and read it, do you ever find yourself agreeing with yourself and find that 10 years later, everything is different, but you haven't changed so much? I did some of that today. It reminds me that I'm exactly as I should be. That I've been working hard at who I am and I'm doing a good job of....becoming. So when my soror shared her favorite SYM quote on my facebook wall, I couldn't do anything but laugh and think to myself, "yep, that's me."

"i hate when people ask me what i do and i say i'm an artist. they be like, 'you rap or sing?' and i'm like no. an ARTIST. you know, like for real? with paint? and a brush? just because i'm a cute female in Atlanta doesn't mean I aspire to be in the music industry. i'm just sayin..."


I think I said this on twitter...don't judge the grammar and stuff.

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