FINALLY: Georgetown Cupcake

I'm in the DMV visiting the most loved ones and although I've been here many times before, I've never been in the vicinity of these much discussed cupcakes. Well, this time I had my chance. With the help of google, I found that I was only a few blocks away. So I did it. I walked to Georgetown Cupcake. I joined the throngs of individuals who have been delighted by the deliciousness of these fluffily iced cupcakes. I am happy...AND inspired! I know right?! How could a cupcake inspire SYM1?

I was determined. For the love of cupcakes. And God was with me, because every time I've heard about these cupcakes, I've also heard about the line. Not on this day. The entire line was condensed to the inside of the small store. WIN! I didn't know how long it would be before I could get back to this shop, and couldn't bear the idea that I would LOVE the cupcakes and not feel like walking back, so naturally, I decided to get a half dozen. I've got one left...and I'm like "shoulda made it 12." I chose two red velvet, one lemon, one double chocolate, one double vanilla, and one caramel apple.

As I walked along the street back to my hotel, I smiled at all the people with matching bags, and little pink boxes. I met a girl while eating lunch at Uno's who also had a matching bag. It was her first time too. We talked about how long it had been since we were trying to get these cupcakes and how delicious (some) our friends had said they were. Anticipation. Somehow, there were also people who expressed, without any guilt that I had wasted my money. That I had spent too much on a cupcake that was sub par. Dream killers.

Well I made it back to my hotel. I sat down. Struggled to get the box out of the bag. When I did the cupcakes had fallen all over each other. It ruined the picture, so I didn't take one, BUT I did have fun cleaning up the edges while tasting the icing. I tried the red velvet first. It was yummy. I had no idea you could make cream cheese into such a fluffy icing. However, I had tasted better. Red velvet is so tricky. BUT it's the second best red velvet cupcake I had ever had. WIN! After I was done  with the cupcake, I flipped it over to throw away the wrapper, and guess what it was? Custom cupcake wrappers! Yes! Made my cupcake experience.

I immediately thought about branding. About how it was the little things that make a product special. Different. I thought about what else I could do, what little touches could I bring to SYM1 to make it MORE than just an awesome t-shirt (or something) with my name on it. Naturally, I'm still thinking about it. You know me. But I ate another cupcake today and said, as I flipped it over, "this is awesome. I didn't even know you could get custom cupcake wrappers."

And, here's the verdict. The red velvet was good, but Piece of Cake bakery in Atlanta is still THE BEST. It took THREE sittings to finish the double chocolate. It was so...CHOCOLATY. I think some ice cream would have made it go down easier. Or a tall glass of milk. I ate the double vanilla today. It was GREAT. But the most creative and best one to me was the caramel apple. It was SO GOOD!!! Awesomeness. I wish I had gotten two of those. I'm eating the lemon one after dinner. I'll keep you posted. I will say, the cupcakes are $2.75 each (but only $2.50 each w/ a half dozen) and I've spent $2.50 on cupcakes I would NEVER buy again. So, nope, they aren't overrated...or over priced. They're just good cupcakes that I wouldn't wait in a line 3 blocks over for, but I would buy by the dozen. lol.


Me said...

Love it! I think I may do a fatass staycation on my next day off (Columbus Day)...

Thanks for sharing!

Shae-Rahnee said...

Super inspired! But slightly disappointed that 1. I can't bribe you for that last cupcake. 2. You've never tasted MY red velvet.

SYM1 said...

@Me EAT and be merry!
@Shae-Rahnee 1) IT WAS AWESOME!!! I wish I had bought 12. I am saddened. 2) I make a pretty good red velvet myself, but I definitely I must try one of yours.

Thanks for the comments!