Update: I'm not mad anymore

Happy Hump day. I don't have any pieces or pics to post. I haven't finished anything I care to share here. What I can say is I'VE BEEN PAINTING!!! I can't call it wonderful just yet, but it's a start. I'm just happy to be working again. I'll just tell you what I'm working on. My first two TIES! I've been trying to add some products for the guys. Hopefully this will go over well. I started two at the same time. I'm also doing the mermaid. I've got the step by step going. I'm proud of me actually remembering to take the pictures in between. I'm going to try to finish it tonight and I'll have that...before Friday. I'm tired of looking at it. I'm just ready to be finished. That's all I've got. I'll be bakk soon, with at least the mermaid! Happy Humping.

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