SYM1: Master Crafter

Martha Stewart is that ish! I was up late over the entire Christmas holiday watching her holiday specials. There were cookies and all other kinds of snazzy holiday trikks, treats, and the whatever. Pus, accompanied by her insanely rude "I know everything and you don't know JAKK!" way, it proved to be a fun and even funnier experience. I even learned a quikk trikk to giving life to the plain Christmas bow. It was an immediate need. We haven't bought new bows in MANY years, so they tend to get a little (or a lot) wrinkled and sad after a while, but Martha gave me a little quikk trikk so now they can look nice when we put them on packages.

This one is actually 3 smaller bows stukk together to make one big bow. I created a new life for my sad bows and I didn't have to throw anything away or buy anything new. I think they call that upcycling or something. ALSO, since the BIG bows are so expensive, I can just use a few standard sizes to make a much bigger bow and save! I love it. Martha is really a master crafter (I don't think that's a real term) though and rich because of it. I too want to be a master crafter. I'm crafty. I suppose that would require that I add sewing to my repertoire. Do you feel the resistance? It is strong. SYM don't sew!!! yet??? Are you laughing at me? It's ok. I laughed at me too.


Ashley said...

i promise i WASN'T laughing until you said I probably was...i did indeed laugh then...btw, i've seen Martha Stewart's show once when Luda was on there

SYM1 said...

LOL. You would be watching when or b/c Luda was on.