1.13.10 Foot Fetish

Well, not actually the foot, the things that cover them.

My inspiration?

I am completely IN LOVE w/THESE shoes!  Rene Caovilla, $1085. Yeeeeeeeah, they're fly and snazzy and have a bottom completely covered in glitter and a price tag that makes me weak in the eyeballs. Especially for what I would consider an occasion shoe. I caught these on the Wendy Show a while bakk and I have yet to recover. I saw a similar less occasional pair that were all blakk. Eh, not as moved, but cute. They too were pretty expensive. So, SYM1 is going to clean out her shoe closet and hopefully I find a pair that will make a good candidate for reproduction. I'm going to try it. I'm only posting pics if it's successful. Lol. I also have a pair of ManoNo boots that are SO suitable for painting. I'm thinking a nice healthy coat of graphics on the red bakkground would be HOT with, a super short dress/mini/shorts in the spring. We shall see. I've been looking at them with a dripping paintbrush for a long time, and I just haven't gotten up the courage to mess up a perfectly beautiful pair of knokk offs. Lol.

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Sankofa said...

Mine eyes hurt at the tag on those shoes! But none the less cute! I will pray you SYM shoes come out awesome!