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Welcome to SYM1 Did It!!!: The Blog. It's been here for a minute waiting for me to add something. I've already remodeled once, with no one here to witness the change and now I'm finally ready to write my first entry, although I'm not even sure what I want to talk about. *sigh* As always, I'll just get started and see what comes out.
I've been painting full time for a little more than two years, so there's really none of that “I pikked up a bottle of paint for the first time and completely ruined this perfectly wonderful white shirt” stuff that people generally talk about when starting a new hobby. I probably painted my first shirt when I was about four or five. Not sure if it was a disaster or not. I don't remember it, but when I was small we used to paint tees/sweats at parties (I also host these parties now as a part of my business), so this is by far nothing new to me. I painted a few things in high school and a few in college. Nothing big or exciting. Just for fun. In 2005, shortly after becoming a Zeta, I made a few greek shirts for some friends and a few chapter members and that's where my journey as SYM1 the self employed, FULL TIME artist begins.
Notice that I call myself an artist (although, my new business cards say I'm a FLYght Engineer. I promise to blog about that later), when many people consider me a designer. I find that term confuses people about what exactly it is that I do, so I don't use it anymore. lol. I honestly don't consider myself a designer, because I haven't designed anything that I've ever painted on. I don't create in that way (yet). I don't sketch, build, construct, or reconstruct fashion. I can't/don't sew (yet), although I wish I could. I'm more of a master of embellishment. I'm an artist with an unconventional canvas. Somebody else is responsible for making the product...I just make it better. :o)
*whew* I think that's a wonderful start. I'll be bakk EVERY Wednesday with more.
Here's the part where I give you all my info so you can “stalk me” (shout out to Mac Jeezy!). BECOME A FAN on Facebook, the link to my page is in the right column. ADD ME on myspace @ myspace.com/sym1_did_it. FOLLOW ME on Twitter @SYM1DidIt. Of course you can follow my blog here and finally, chekk out my new website www.sym1didit.com It was just finished this week and was designed by Simeon Gardiner of Madistic Designs. Let me know what you think.
“Don't just love it, Rokk it!”

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