My Tree: 2012

I thought I wouldn't be in the spirit too much this year, but I was wrong. Christmas is going forward as usual. I finished the tree on Friday night, and decided to go light on decorating the house. Simply because I didn't want to spend two months trying to pakk everything up by myself. It's just too much for me. I did a good job. 

Mommy and I have had some interesting trees over the years. Purple and ivory. Red. Blue and silver for the millennium. We did red, white and blue, after 9.11. The last few years it's been candy colored. So when I told bf to pikk from the colors we already had, he said red, white and blue. Another patriotic tree. Well, I wasn't in a patriotic mood and I definitely wasn't going to buy a single thing. AT ALL. So, I switched the colors up a little and ended up with something I'm very happy with. 

Mommy, Grandma, and I (and maybe Auntie, I can't remember) made these red velvet bows for our all red tree many years ago. Since mommy and grandma are both gone, I decided that it was really important to included these on the tree this year. Unfortunately, some of them haven't survived the years and I had to toss quite a few, but I had enough to make an acceptable impact on the tree. I was also sure I'd use garland this year. I had teal. But when I put it on the tree, I didn't like it. I tried half teal and half silver. Didn't like that either. Settled on all silver. I went with the silver. I put it on first. TIP: Always do the garland first. Some of the lights were out on the tree, so the garland gives a little sparkle and reflects the lights that do work to make up for the dark spots. Then I added the bows. Then I grouped some silver and teal bulbs and placed them in bunches on the tree. 

Followed by the teal sequined bulbs auntie made. I finished with my not royal blue doves and topped it with a big red bow. 

I'm done! 

I wanted to show you all Friday, but it looked naked with no gifts underneath. So, I had to wrap a few before I could take a picture. ANOTHER TIP: Everybody get's their own wrapping paper. I think this would be especially useful if you have small children who can't read yet. Also, it allows you to customize the paper for the person. We've been doing it for years...one kind for mommy, one for me, and one for people who don't live here. My gifts are in red. :o) 

P.S. I put my painting up on the mantle. It matched. Sweet! Oh, and yes, I hung mommy's stokking. 

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