Art Adventures: Bucks on the Street

I went to Lenox Mall today. I wasn't planning on being there, but it turned out to be a fun trip. I didn't even buy anything! While walking around I saw these rather large buck (I said reindeer) statues all uniquely decorated and lined up in a row. They were each decorated by local artists and will be auctioned off to raise money for something......I can't remember. Luckily, the zoom on my camera works. The proceeds will be given to "Livable Buckhead" and will be used to create parks, trails, and green space in Buckhead.

Because I knew I was going to tell you about them, I took pictures. Take a look.

Aren't they cute? 

This one has quarters for buttons. It was sponsored by 5/3 Bank. 

He has a completely custom outfit.
They even gave him some chest hair...AND a furry tail.

I love the color treatment they did for his "fur." 
To see the rest of the bukks, or to bid on your own go to the Bucks on the Street website. It gives bios of the artists and the story behind each piece. Bidding starts at only $250, but you've gotta transport your buck yourself.

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